Robert Wilson

Guitarist & Lead Vocals

Playing music is probably the only thing I do that I donít have to do. There's a drive, a passion that makes me play the way I play. My first influence was Scotty Moore, Elvis's guitarist who inspired me to pick up my first guitar. It was like an itch that needed scratching, that itch never went away.

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People often ask where I learnt to play.  I taught myself.  At home in my bedroom, watching slowed down videos and listening to slowed down records, repeating each lick over and over until I got it right.  I learnt by ear, but picked up the theory along the way.  I stayed in that room until I could play, which spared my Mother’s nerves for about a year.

I play a Gretsch Nashville 6120.  I love my Gretsch, I think most people who have seen me realise that.  I live in Gretsch wear, they should be paying me for advertising.  I use a Fender Hotrod Deville amp, and I play clean, no effects other than slap back echo.

My first influence I've already told you was Scotty Moore, but there are many others; Chet Atkins, Django Rheinhardt, Danny Gatton, Eddie Cochran and Brian Setzer.  Brian had the X-Factor long before Simon Cowell invented it.  He had the style and sound that captured my creativity and he remains my inspiration, hopefully one day my unique sound will inspire someone else.

Rockabilly is my living and I obviously love it, but my musical tastes aren't limited to one genre.   I enjoy listening to all kinds of music, particularly jazz and blues.

I like home-cooking, and socialising with close friends and family.  I like movies and classic cars.  Well… I like looking at Ian’s car.  If I ever get round to getting one Ian will have to take care of it for me....