Ian Wilson

Double Bass & Vocals

I have been into music from a very young age. As time has gone on I listen to all types of music, not just Rockabilly, from 1930ís Blues right up to modern day, too many bands and artists to list.

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My influences are Bill Black (Elvis’ first bass player) and Lee Rocker (the Straycats bass player) which both play a massive role in how I play today.

My amp is an Ampeg SVT Classic 300 Watt valve linked to an Ampeg 8X10 cab.  I use a K&K pickup for the note and a pickup called the cap for the click which is mounted behind the fingerboard.  The bass is Czechoslovakian.

I have other interests too.  I’m a bit of a petrol head and love cars and bikes.  I own a 1961 matchless which I bought as a basket case (in bits) and restored when I was just 16, to young to ride it.  I also own a 1958 Buick which I bought in bits too, but with some help from Dad and friends it’s now back on the road.  For anyone interested it has a 6.6 litre V8 engine.  I have a Honda Firestorm 1000cc V Twin just for a bit of fun.  I would like a 32 Ford Hot Rod but can’t afford one at the moment.

My hopes for the future are land a record deal, make it big, make lots of money and then buy a 32 Ford