The Pack

Meet The Houndogs

A biography is usually where most bands describe how they first met, not surprisingly, for The Houndogs, this is where their uniqueness takes flight...

Robert, Ian and David Wilson were born into a household of music lovers. Mum – a pianist and Dad – a guitarist, enjoyed the sounds of early Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, and Gene Vincent. This is the music that the boys were surrounded by and would inspire their future talents. In fact, there is an early recording of David singing ‘Love Me Tender’ at 2 years old that made the girls cry (and still does!).

The boys’ passion for music really took off during Robert’s and Ian’s teenage years. Robert asked his Dad to show him some basic chords, and from that moment he was hooked, locking himself in his bedroom playing records at slow speeds until he had mastered them.

Ian was interested in the constant rhythm of the double bass, but as this was an expensive purchase he settled for a tea-chest, which is just as it sounds... an old tea-chest, broom handle and one string. David was just eight years old when he started, using an old tea-chest as a drum and a cymbal given by a friend.

There were no aspirations to be a band at this stage, just three brothers wanting to be involved with music. There were no decisions made about who played what, they just ‘did’. David being so young just bashed out a beat on anything he could find. Music became their life, practising constantly, perfecting their skills.

The real momentum came when the boys were lent a Stray Cats video with Brian Setzer on guitar, Lee Rocker on bass and Slim Jim Phantom on drums. They had the same set up as the boys, who at this point had not heard of them, and they were an instant hit, and became the influence and drive behind their hard work and dedication.

Just six months after their little ensemble was formed in their living room, the boys headed to a local pub ‘Jam Night’. Not the raspberry sort, but to those not in the know, an open mic session for budding artists to show off their skills. At this point they had no name, but had to think of one quickly, as after that initial Jam Session the landlord was impressed enough to book them for a 30 minute slot at a gig on a Saturday night. Soon after, Robert (aged 15), Ian (aged 14) and David (aged just 9!), embarked on their first gig known as the ‘Hillbilly Houndogs’ led by Dad on vocals. The pub was packed, nerves were high, but when the boys started playing the whole pub stood up.

That gig set the precedent for the band’s career. The Houndogs now play across the country, the continent, in fact the world, and people stand up and show their appreciation wherever they play.

The boys adapt to a wide variety of venues from pubs, clubs, corporate and private functions to festivals, rallies, and conventions and are renowned for their boyish charms and cheeky sense of humour.

Their performances have been described as wild, breathtaking, exhilarating and ‘high-octane’... They are a band guaranteed to entertain!